Most dog owners make these mistakes

Dog ownership gives joy and companionship, but it also requires a steep learning curve.  

Both new and experienced dog owners can make mistakes that harm their pets. Pet care involves much, from daily exercise and socialization to constant training and correct diet.  

Every dog is distinct and needs different care, therefore dog ownership requires a willingness to learn and adapt.  

Before buying a dog, discover which breed suits your lifestyle. Exercise takes longer for high-energy breeds, and others have health or grooming needs.  

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Avoid mismatches that frustrate dog and owner by making an informed choice. Size, energy, temperament, and breed-specific needs should be considered.  

Socializing your dog with different people, animals, and situations helps them grow up to be well-adjusted.  

Unsocialized dogs may fear, anxiety, or attack strange settings. Socialize your puppy early, preferably before 16 weeks, during their essential socialization phase.   

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