Mexican Sweets to End Cinco de Mayo

Possibly a more adventurous departure from *actual* churros, these sugar-dusted donuts are filled with dulce de leche cream.  

This dish is delicious, but it's much better with coffee or horchata in the morning.   

via Brit+Co Mexican dessert classics include churros! These fried snacks liven up tradition with cayenne in the chocolate dipping sauce.   

Chocolate and cayenne are a classic Mexican dessert combination. via Brit+CoPrepare for sweets! Mexican wedding biscuits have a buttery .

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nutty shortbread inside and a thick powdered sugar coating on the outside.   

This texture combo makes them addicting, which is satisfying since the recipe just takes 30 minutes! From Completely DeliciousTres leches cake is sponge cake soaked in condensed milk.

evaporated milk, and heavy cream and topped with whipped cream or meringue. Not much is better than this in Mexican desserts! Tres leches are rich and creamy, making them perfect for a side of fresh berries and fruits.  

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