Making Baozi from Scratch

There were just a few locations to get aromatic, soft buns loaded with delicious minced pork back then. Now that they're popular, restaurants nationwide offer variations.   

Even if times have changed, making baozi at home is still wonderful. Although laborious, it may be a fun family pastime.   

A Bao Bun? The answer is trickier than you think. Chinese-born people may look at you oddly if you mention "bao buns".  

The Chinese term "bao" (包) denotes bun, making the phrase "bao bun" less descriptive. Baos come in many varieties  

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Best Baozi Fillings Making baozi at home lets you try different fillings. Traditional baozi have basic pork filling.  

Making Bao Buns Baozi has simple components. Assembly is difficult, but I'll explain each step! I'm sharing my dad's recipe, updated with friends' and videos' advice.  

My major alteration from my dad's recipe is that I measure—many Chinese home cooks, including my family, don't.  

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