Luxurious Dog Breeds with Living Clouds of Fur

Furry dogs require more work. Brushing, bathing, and professional grooming are necessary for long and thick-coated dog breeds.  

Hairy dogs cost more and take longer to groom. Big fluffy dogs need grooming every 6–8 weeks, which costs $80–$200 per session and more if you wait.   

Big breeds are popular and sought after in the fluffy dog world, but not exclusive! Small dogs can be shaggy and cost less to groom.   

The classic tiny fluffy dog breed, Shih Tzus, have magnificent huge fluffy coats that grow regularly. Shih Tzus shed the least on this list.  

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Shih Tzus need frequent brushing and grooms to avoid matting, but their coats are less maintenance-intensive.   

Shih Tzus are versatile, reliable, and confident, making them great family and apartment pets.  

When not napping, Shih Tzus are mischievous but protective of their owners.   

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