Low-Energy Dog Breeds That Are Great for Seniors  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel These “Cavies” are kind and ready to please. Cavaliers, once royal lap dogs, enjoy modest exercise and peaceful indoor play.  

Bichon Frise Bright white fur puffs are sunshine. Bichons are peaceful and playful, perfect for apartments.   

Their hypoallergenic coats need frequent brushing and skilled maintenance, but their small stature makes it easier.  

French Bulldog Petite charmers known as “Frenchies” have lively attitudes and bat ears.  

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French Bulldogs love short walks but are idle indoors. Their gentle disposition and short, silky coats make them ideal couch pets.  

Maltese Another little, white beauty, the Maltese is loyal.   

These playful, smart dogs love attention and are easy to train. Their diminutive size makes them suitable for smaller households, but their long, silky coats require daily grooming.  

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