Loveable Short-Legged Dogs

This is science: All short-legged dogs have chondroplasia due to the same mutation.  

Legs are short but bodies are normal with this mutation. These dwarf canines are different from little dogs, whose bodies are proportional to their legs.  

We've compiled a list of the most popular short-legged dog breeds for those looking to adopt or just learn about beautiful dogs.  

The intelligent and charming Pembroke Welsh corgi is one of the world's most popular herding dogs. Queen Elizabeth loves them.   

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A robust dog, the Pembroke has tiny legs but muscular thighs and a strong chest. Hardworking and energetic, this corgi breed is easy to train.  

This, together with its attentiveness and independence, make the Pembroke Welsh corgi a good guard dog.  

Another benefit of this breed is its groomability: The thick double coat comes in four colors (with or without white) and just needs weekly grooming.

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