Little Dogs That Refrain From Shedding Their Fur 

On the other hand, if you suffer from allergies or just can't stand the stress of always having to vacuum up dog hair, you might think twice about obtaining a cute pet. 

Dander, often known as dog dandruff, is released into the air by a typical dog after shedding, and it is allergenic to around 10% to 20% of the global population.  

A hypoallergenic (little-shedding) dog would be ideal for someone in this situation. 

When looking for a little breed that doesn't shed, this article can be a great resource. 

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A little, intelligent toy dog breed that goes by more names than just "terrier." It's believed to have German ancestry and stands at less than a foot tall.  

This dog looks a lot like the Wookies or Ewoks, according to Star Wars movie fans. 

Affenpinschers require little in the way of upkeep because of their dense, low-shedding coat and almost odorless coat. 

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