Kids' Lunch Options That Are Good for Them

Avocado and chicken wraps When I wasn't sure what to make for lunch one day, I thought of this chicken avocado wrap. We love this food now.   

A salad with turkey and pasta ranch This simple pasta salad is full of fresh vegetables, and kids will like the ranch sauce that comes with it.   

Turkey Tortilla Soup During the Week My family loves this soup so much that they will make sure I have extra turkey   

for lunch the next day. Adding smoked sausage or andouille and Cajun sauce to taste will make this soup spicier and heartier.   

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Cantaloupe and blueberry salad This fruit salad with berries and melons tastes great with the easy dressing of poppy seeds and citrus fruits.   

Bites of Carrot Cookie This recipe has been a family favorite for a long time.  

The cookies are soft and tasty, and the smell while they're baking is too good to resist! People always ask me for the recipe.   

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