How to Tell If My Dog Is Happy? Happy Dog Signs

Gentle glance Facial expressions might reveal your dog's mood. Bekoff thinks a happy dog has a gentle, wide-eyed stare.   

Good news: That soft glance can convey love and affection and release oxytocin in its owner.  

Oxytocin strengthens your dog-human bond, according to a Science study. When dogs stare at us, our love hormone rises, which boosts their oxytocin.  

Joyful expression A happy dog has a relaxed mouth and lolling tongue.  

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Happy dogs have loose jaws and may smile with their mouth corners up, according to Bekoff.  

Body and tail wagging How do you know your dog is happy? Check the tail. An easy tail wag can suggest a happy dog.   

Easy, bouncy step A happy dog walks with relaxed muscles. Bekoff thinks a happy dog walks with a loose, bouncy, flowing stride.  

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