How to Prevent Household Dog Fighting

Since we want our dogs to have companions, most of us have two or more! Fighting instead can be upsetting, frustrating, and scary.  

If your dogs fight, separate them first. Keep them apart until you can avoid triggers, rule out illness, hire a professional, or reintroduce your dogs to control their battles.  

This article will explore if dog fights are typical and 13 techniques to stop them in the same household.  

Play fighting is common between two dogs living together! You may watch them body slam, bite, and roughhouse.  

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However, dogs play responsibly and don't draw blood or bite hard.Your dogs fighting is typical. Dogs with varied personalities or ages do this more often.  

Dogs may growl at each other when they come close and the other backs off, bark when they want a toy, or bite when the other gets too forceful.  

In these conflicts, dogs don't damage each other. They don't break skin, grip each other and transform into fur tornadoes, or cause major injury when they nip or bite.  

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