How to Make Smoked Shotgun Shells  

The shells are then wrapped in bacon and smoked. With some sauces on the side, they make a tasty and unique starter that your guests will love.  

What makes loaded smoked cannon shells the best meat snack?   

This Smoked Shotgun Shells recipe is just what you need if you want to try something new that is also easy to make in your smoker.  

Maybe you want to know what Smoked Shotgun Shells are. But don't worry—they won't hurt you, except maybe around the waist.  

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Smoked Shotgun Shells are manicotti pasta shells that have been filled with seasoned meat, diced hot peppers, and cheese.  

Why this is the best recipe for smoked shotgun shells Some of you may have tried to make Smoked Shotgun Shells before but ended up  

with hard or dry pasta shells that were almost too bad to eat. Don't be afraid to try this dish.  

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