How to Make Black Forest Chocolate Crepes  

The chocolate in the crepe batter and the cherries on top make this recipe taste a lot like the famous black forest cake.  

Instead, he uses whipped cream, homemade cherry sauce, fresh cherries, and chocolate shavings to make a sweet treat that the whole family can enjoy.  

Cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, salt, and vegetable oil are what you'll need to make these black forest chocolate crepes  

You need water, sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch to make the cherry sauce. Randy likes to put whipped cream, fresh cherries, and chocolate shavings on top of these pancakes.  

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Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients. Get the batter ready: Sift the cocoa powder, sugar, salt, and flour together in a bowl.  

Step 2: Dig a hole. In the middle of the flour mix, make a well.  

Third, beat the eggs. Add the eggs slowly while whisking. Step 4: Mix the butter and milk together.  

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