Home Dog Proofing Priorities

Having a pet brings wagging tails, messy kisses, and unconditional love. Unfortunately, these four-legged friends can cause havoc if your environment isn't woof-proofed.   

Fear not, dog lovers! With these paw-positive changes, you can create a haven for you and your dog.  

Buy strong, lidded garbage cans your dog can't open. To prevent your dog from snooping through rubbish, preserve cleanliness, and avoid spoiled or dangerous food, use trash bin covers or store bins in cupboards.  

Store food securely in cupboards or the fridge to prevent your dog from eating poisonous items and getting sick.  

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Pet gates allow your dog to wander freely in specific areas while keeping them out of off-limits places like staircases or rooms with sensitive goods.  

Keep all doors to unoccupied rooms closed, especially laundry rooms and basements, if you can't get pet gates.  

Choose pet-safe spider plants or Boston ferns for your home. Dogs should not eat hazardous plants like lilies or aloe vera.  

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