Here are the best interactive dog toys for fun and play.

Training and everyday exercise are essential to a good relationship with your pet, but team play accelerates it.   

This collection offers mentally stimulating dog toys for you and your senior BFF to keep that fun spirit alive, or if you're just starting to bond with your new puppy.  

Bonding with Interactive Toys Solo play is necessary for your dog since they need to entertain themselves when you're away.  

Interactive dog toys are great for bonding with your dog, and there are many options.  

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Toy puzzles. Hard plastic toys with levels and pegs are typical. Dogs must move pieces to find rewards.  

Moveable toys. Rolling these toys for chasing games or to remove goodies is entertaining.  

Toy dispenser. Some treat-stuffable toys perform better with pet parent supervision, but most are for solitary play.  

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