Here are 15 dog breeds that shed a lot.

before adopting a pet, you should know that some breeds shed more than others. Discover the unique qualities of shedding dogs.  

Retriever Lab Labrador Retrievers, loved for their friendliness and energy, shed heavily, especially during seasonal changes.  

Expect a constant flow of fur indoors despite consistent grooming. To adapt to different conditions and preserve their sleek, water-resistant coat, America's favorite breed sheds.  

A German Shepherd German Shepherds make great dog pals due of their noble appearance and loyalty.   

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One signifies year-round shedding, which rises in spring and fall when they shed their undercoat to respond to temperature fluctuations.  

The Saint Bernard Saint Bernards resemble large, comfy teddy bears!  

They are great family pets and rescue buddies due to their gentleness and loyalty.   

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