Healthiest dog breeds with fewest medical issues

If you want a new pet, choosing one of these healthiest dog breeds can help you genetically win.  

Breed mix Truthful mutts are frequently quite healthy, but mixed breeds vary.  

Designer dogs, generally a mix of two popular breeds, are unlikely to be healthier than their purebred parents  

The Australian cattle dog Australian cattle dogs (heelers) are medium-sized and hardy. They routinely outwit their friends and family due to their intelligence.  

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Beagle For a huge dog in a small body, consider a beagle. Beagles, bred to hunt in packs  

are gregarious, enthusiastic, and boisterous. It's impossible to reverse years of breeding by training a beagle to be quiet.  

Beagles are healthy, but the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals recommends asking a breeder for the results of genetic tests on a puppy's parents  

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