Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken's Dark Secret  

This applies to brownies, cut fruit, and ready-to-eat meals, which cost roughly twice as much as the ingredients.  

Yes, exactly: Most supermarket stores charge more for whole, raw chicken than spit-roasted.  

Despite savings, a finished supper that doesn't need to be cleaned, filled, seasoned, and roasted at home sounds like a great deal for busy shoppers.   

There's a secret to preroasted poultry. KCET reported that supermarket stores' golden, juicy rotisserie chickens are typically unsold raw chickens set to expire.  

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Grocery retailers make less money selling chickens at a cheaper price than on raw  

birds, but much more than if they throw them aside. We found the greatest grocery store rotisserie chicken.  

By selling them at a lower price, grocery stores make less money than they would on raw birds, but way more money than they would if they tossed the chickens out.

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