Four things that you should never cook in cast iron  

People who cook with cast-iron pans enjoy them like the sun. They're essential for many one-skillet recipes and for breakfast and dessert 

Smelly meals Garlic, peppers, certain seafood, stinky cheeses, and more create aromatic memories   

in your cast-iron pan that will return in future meals. Use a 400ºF oven for 10 minutes to eliminate odors, but avoid cooking dishes with lingering aromas for future cooking.  

Eggs, sticky things (for now) If your pan is well-seasoned, no problem.  

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Despite seasoning, sticky foods like eggs might stick to a new pan. For now, cook brown eggs in a non-stick pan unless you enjoy gunky pans.  

Gentle fish The same heat retention that gives your steak a gorgeous brown crust in a cast iron pan would likely kill your trout or tilapia.   

Keep fragile fish in the non-stick pan. Salmon and other heat-tolerant meaty fish are fine. Our cast iron salmon recipe yields crispy skin and flaky fish.  

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