Common Signs That Your Dog Is in Pain  

We can learn to tell when our dog is in pain, though, by studying their body language and changing the way they act. Keep an eye out for these six things.  

Changes in how much you move and do If your dog is usually very active but doesn't want to play fetch or go for walks  

it could be because they are hurt. Watch how your dog moves.   

Changes in behavior and vocal cues The same things people do when they're upset, dogs do. But sometimes the signs aren't as clear.   

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A lot of panting, groaning, or moaning can also be a sign of pain. Pay attention to any changes in the way your dog acts.   

Eating habits and sleep patterns have changed. Dogs that are in pain often lose their appetite.  

It's time to take your furry friend to the vet if they frequently refuse to eat or accept treats. In the same way, big changes in how you sleep could be a sign of something wrong.  

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