Five-quart slow cooker recipes  

This dish came about when I changed it to use what I already had in the kitchen.   

Fried short ribs with ginger and green rice I made slow cooker short ribs because I love the tastes of Korean food.  

Soup with chicken and gnocchi As it slowly bubbles in the slow cooker, my chicken stew fills the house with a wonderful scent.  

My family goes to the kitchen to check if it's ready with just one whiff. Mark Drake from Juniata, Nebraska  

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Clusters of crunchy candy Because these cereal and marshmallow groups are so easy to make, I let my family look forward to them every holiday season.   

Mac and cheese for a potluck If you bring macaroni and cheese to a dinner, everyone will love it.   

This one is extra rich and creamy, and it's made in a slow cooker. Jenny Blondek from Chicopee, Massachusetts  

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