Finger-licking Southern Comfort Foods  

Southern comfort cuisine is about a culture of hospitality, history, and shared dining experiences, not just flavor.   

Fried Chicken Fried chicken is a Southern staple of family gatherings and Sunday feasts.  

Contrasting crispy, seasoned outer layer with luscious, delicious meat makes this meal appealing.   

Grits Grits—ground corn kernels cooked into a creamy consistency—are simple but delicious.  

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Grits are more than simply morning food in the South; they can be flavored with cheddar cheese, butter, and cream.   

Gravy and Biscuits Southern breakfasts feature soft, flaky biscuits and thick, beefy gravy.  

This comforting recipe starts with homemade biscuits made with flour, butter, and buttermilk, baked to a golden top and delicate interior.   

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