Faithful Dog Breeds Make Best Friends

Selecting a dog breed might be difficult, but choosing a loyal breed will help your pet bond with your family.   

Many households will have these 19 dog breeds as faithful pets.Labradors, a popular US dog breed, are amiable and gregarious.   

Petplan calls them “an easy-going, loyal and affectionate companion always eager to please.” They are often used as service dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and therapy dogs due to their loyalty and trainability.  

Police and military use German Shepherds for their intelligence, courage, and devotion. They bond with their owners and guard their family.   

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They are easily trained and eager to please, making them perfect for help and service work.Great family pets and companions, Golden Retrievers are amiable and tolerant.   

They are smart and eager to please, making them good assistance dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.   

Their curiosity makes these dogs wonderful pets for families and energetic people.Boxers are playful and lively, loyal to their family, and typically bond with children.   

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