Experts Say These Are The Worst Cholesterol Foods.  

High cholesterol is widespread in the US. Two in five American adults have the disorder, which increases their risk of stroke and heart attack, according to the CDC.  

Your blood contains waxy cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for cell growth and hormone production, thus it is not necessarily harmful in itself.   

Full-fat dairy Full-fat dairy contains saturated fat, which raises LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.  

“Saturated fat can actually decrease your body's ability to clear out... the bad cholesterol,” said Philadelphia dietitian Beth Auguste of Be Well with Beth.  

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Red meat Red meat, such beef, hog, or lamb, is not recommended for those with excessive cholesterol.  

There's no rule against eating red meat, but people with high cholesterol should limit their intake.  

Skin on meat Auguste says pork skins are high in saturated fat. She said this applies to every meat skin, including chicken, turkey, pork rind, and others.  

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