Espresso Martini Recipe: Always In Style  

The Aperol spritz and negroni are currently popular cocktails, but I think the espresso martini will always be around.  

In recent years, coffee aficionados and exhausted pre-gamers have rediscovered this 1980s cocktail.  

This martini is popular since it's a cocktail and espresso, so it's a wonderful way to be drunk and perked up.  

If you're craving happy hour at home, try my traditional recipe—I found the exact ratio of coffee, liquor, and simple syrup after much experimenting.  

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In a cocktail shaker, mix vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple syrup. Cover and shake rapidly for 15 seconds until shaker is covered in frost and foam forms.  

Strain twice into a coupe. A paper towel covers half the glass top. Sprinkle espresso or cocoa powder on the exposed half. Sprinkle coffee beans on plain side.  

Add 1 ½ oz. of vodka for the ideal alcohol-to-coffee ratio. Without vodka, an espresso martini isn't the same. Use a brand you like, but don't go for top shelf.  

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