Enjoy Summer with Light Frozen Desserts  

Berry Daiquiri Sherbet In the summer I tried making sherbet, one of my favorites, my mom's garden had blackberries.   

Ice Pops with Blueberry Cream Make these tasty ice pops with raspberries or blackberries.   

The rosemary sprig and lemon zest provide flavor. Freezable, fast, and kid-friendly pops.   

4 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet This simple 4-ingredient watermelon sorbet recipe requires no ice cream maker.   

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We couldn't keep enough watermelon in the house to meet demand! Kory Figura, Waverly, Iowa  

Yogurt-Frozen Berry Swirls Frozen yogurt pops are a nutritious snack and a creamy dessert I like.   

Heavy Banana Cream Freeze Everyone likes ice cream, but it's not a good after-school snack.  

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