Effortless Summer Recipes that are Super Fresh 

Even on the most scorching (and lazy) summer days, you can stay cool with one of these easy no-bake sweets.  

You can eat this chilled seafood salad as an appetizer or a main dish; it's much like other summer salads.  

Feel free to swap out the shrimp with scallops, crab meat, or any other seafood you choose. 

Potlucks, beach picnics, and barbecues are the ideal occasions to serve battered cocktails and punches.  

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This modern spin on traditional sangria calls for sparkling wine, white cranberry juice,  

and coconut rum (or plain white rum, if preferred). It's a summertime favorite among our various fruity cocktails. 

Enjoy the bounty of garden-fresh tomatoes to the fullest with this mouthwatering tart.  

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