Easy Pinwheel Recipes for Any Occasion 

Impressive and colorful, these snacks are a breeze to make with pre-made pesto sauce, 

roasted red peppers in a jar, and crescent roll dough that has been refrigerated.  

These adorable appetizers can fool your guests into thinking you spent a lot of time making them, but in reality, all you need is some store-bought puff pastry. 

Plus, the caramelized onions, caraway, and Brie make a delicious trio. 

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Serve these appetisers quickly; they're delicious. The pesto and sun-dried tomatoes flavors harmonize so well.  

If you like, you may make these simple cheese pinwheels a few days ahead of time. 

Garnish with picante sauce or salsa, and heat it up or leave it mild.  

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