Dogs whose lives are sadly cut short  

The average longevity due to natural causes was 12 years and eight months in a 1999 study of nearly 3,000 dogs. Only 8% lived longer.  

Bordeaux dogue: 5–7 years Large and comfortable with moderate activity, the “DDB” is a good apartment dog.  

Their bravery and protection make them good watchdogs. Preventing enmity requires early friendliness and teaching.  

Due to their size, they can accidentally damage people, emphasizing the need for proper care and training. The “DDB” enjoys human and dog company.   

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Great Dane: 6-8 years Great Danes, affectionate and loyal, thrive in families with children and pets.  

Respecting their physical bounds to avoid injury requires periodic break periods during intensive activities.   

Bernerse Mountain Dog: 6–8 years Cooler climates suit the Bernese Mountain Dog. Due of its working breed heritage, its thick coat keeps it warm.  

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