Dogs howl why? Top 6 Dog Howl Reasons  

"Gimme a bite." But that lengthy, sad sound your dog makes sometimes? Wow, that's confusing. Why do dogs howl?  

Interestingly, there is some data on when dogs howl, but not why. "In other words, what matters most is the context in which howling is more likely,"  

explains Carroll University clinical assistant professor of animal behavior Mindy Wiate, PhD, a licensed dog behaviorist in Waukesha, Wisconsin.   

What makes dogs howl? Dog specialists don't know why dogs howl, but the wolf, their predecessor, provides hints.  

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Howling helps wolves communicate across large distances, such as when one breaks off. "Part of its function is believed to be communication during separation," he adds.  

1. Genes are involved The genetics of dog howling are known. Howling is more common in wolf-related  

"One example of this would be hound dogs, who are known to howl more than bark because it was considered to be more useful for hunting," he adds.  

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