Dog Lies You Believed

We have several incredible dog beliefs. Despite their good intentions, most of these myths can harm your dogs. To offer your dog the greatest life, eliminate these 20 myths immediately.  

Beginning with the old dog and new trick tale. Older canines learn slower than younger ones, but they always can.  

It merely takes a bit extra patience, which many people lack.This is partially true, but your dog wagging its tail means more than just excitement to see you.   

Tail wagging can indicate contentment, anxiousness, submission, and menace. Seeing a strange dog wag its tail while standing tall and still may indicate aggression.  

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Even though dogs can't perceive color, they can see. Instead, they see yellow, blue, and mixtures of these colors with dichromatic vision.  

Blue and yellow toys are ideal for them.Biology dictates that larger mammals live longer. The opposite is true with dogs.  

Mark Edgar, a University of Melbourne evolutionary biology lecturer, says smaller dogs live twice as long as larger dogs.  

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