Dog Breeds with the Highest Maintenance Expenses 

Due to their specific dietary requirements, amount of daily grooming, and risk of hereditary diseases, some dog breeds are more expensive than others. 

The majestic and protective nature of the ancient Tibetan Mastiff breed has earned it a place of honor.  

The colossal size of this gorgeous canine necessitates generous feeding quantities, and the expense of professional grooming their thick, double coat adds insult to injury.  

Furthermore, this breed has a higher than average risk of developing costly medical issues due to hereditary factors, such as hip dysplasia.  

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An owner may shell out more than $3,000 a year for their Tibetan Mastiff's food, grooming, and medical care. 

French Bulldogs have become extremely popular because to their friendly demeanor and small stature. 

However, due to breathing problems and other health conditions like spinal disorders, joint ailments, and heart anomalies, these dogs often require expensive and inconvenient trips to the clinic. 

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