Dog Breeds with Significant Care Costs  

Knowing which breeds are the most expensive to care for might help prospective dog owners budget for routine and preventive maintenance.   

Tibetan Mastiff The ancient Tibetan Mastiff is valued for its might and protection.  

Their great size requires large food quantities, and their thick, double coat requires professional maintenance, which raises costs for owners of this gorgeous dog.  

A French Bulldog French Bulldogs are popular due to their small size and friendliness.  

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The flat faces of these animals cause respiratory problems, spinal illnesses, joint diseases, and heart anomalies, which can require regular and expensive clinic visits.  

English Bulldog England Bulldogs are loved for their cute, grumpy face and calmness.  

These dogs are known for severe respiratory troubles, hip dysplasia, and skin infections, requiring regular and sometimes specialized veterinarian treatment.   

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