Dog Breeds That Bark Too Much for Neighbours  

Dogs vary in size, shape, and decibel. Some puppies have gentle whimpers, while others have foghorn-like vocal cords.   

Avoid these breeds for a tranquil companion. These 15 dog breeds are known for barking.  

Don't overlook this tiny powerhouse! Known for their alertness, Chihuahuas bark at visitors and squirrels.  

Their territoriality and separation anxiety can increase their vocalizations. Most places don't forbid yapping, but negligence or bad training might lead to complaints and fines.  

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Like opera singers, these happy scent hounds howl upward and downward. When bored or left alone, beagles can be irritating indoors but nice outside.   

They need exercise and mental stimulation to stop barking. Due of their hunting instincts, several communities ban them.  

These animals need early socialization and constant positive reinforcement to behave well.  

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