Dog Breeds That Are Bad for New Owners  

Our goal is to provide helpful information about dog breeds that may not fit everyone. We will discuss breed downsides.  

Dalmatian Who remembers the movie's spotted Dalmatians? Actual Dalmatians aren't as friendly as their animated counterparts.  

Though lovely and fluffy, these canines are energetic. Nowadays, Dalmatians' firetruck training matches their active characteristics.  

Pyrenees Do you like huge white fluffy dogs? Even though they look like teddy bears, Great Pyrenees have many duties and surprises.  

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Rottweiler Large Rottweilers are strong. They were warrior-bred first.  

However, they sometimes fight when we don't want them to. Second, these dogs love their families.  

Cane Corsi Imagine facing a gigantic dog with its eyes on your soul. Feel a chilly sensation down your back?  

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