Dog Breeds Always Look Like Puppies  

No dog stays a puppy forever. Some breeds retain puppy-like traits until adulthood. It's easy to see why these puppy-like dog breeds are popular companion dogs!  

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkies are among the tiniest dogs, hence they made this list.  

They're noted for their lengthy fur, although it can be trimmed to decrease brushing. If you keep your dog's hair flowing, brush them everyday or more to avoid tangles.  

Toy Poodle For an intelligent, tiny pet, a toy poodle may be right for you.  

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Overestimating these dogs is unwarranted because they stay tiny and energetic as adults. They excel academically and athletically.  

Bichon Frise Bichons are calmer than the dogs we've discussed. Their enthusiasm makes them fun company, but it's toned down.  

If you want a fluffy dog to cuddle with, consider a Bichon. However, their white coats need grooming. However, their cute teddy bear look is worth it.  

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