Desserts That Will Make Your First Spring Party Pop! 

Now that spring has arrived, there's no better way to celebrate than with the season's finest produce.  

Impress your guests at your next brunch or breakfast gathering with this simple recipe for a puff pastry Danish dish filled with Philadelphia cream cheese.  

Flaky puff pastry, cream cheese, and fresh berries come together to make these irresistible and visually stunning treats. 

Give yourself a special treat with this beautiful pink cake, which is brimming with flavor from a combination of vanilla and cream cheese and a vibrant shade of pink. 

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For those who like their sweet treats with a dash of fun and sophistication, this is the dessert for you.  

Bring a burst of color and flavor to your next event with this breathtaking cake that you can make in just two hours. 

For your adult enjoyment, I have discovered this exquisite boozy summer cake.  

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