Delicious Ice Cream Desserts We Love  

Crushed Oreos, ice cream, fudge sauce, and cream are stacked on top of each other. It's easy to spice up the dessert by adding chopped nuts or different types of ice cream.   

Ice cream cake with strawberry crunch This cake should make you think of a certain cold strawberry pop from your childhood.  

That's the point! The fake is made with freeze-dried strawberries, crushed vanilla Oreos, and two types of ice cream on a cookie top.  

Key Lime Delight Frozen Make homemade ice cream squares that taste like Key Lime Pie.  

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Cashews, brown sugar, and coconut are mixed together to make the crust. The filling is made with sweet cream and Key lime juice. Use your ice cream maker to make it.  

Fry-Free Fried Ice Cream Most recipes for fried ice cream call for a deep pan, but this one doesn't.  

Crunch Pineapple Vanilla pudding mix is mixed with ice cream in this unique ice cream treat to make a sweet and creamy layer on top of a toasted cornflake crust.  

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