Classic Strawberry "Spoon" Cake Has Everyone Wanting Seconds

Fruity strawberries top an easy-to-make cake made using kitchen ingredients. Lightly sweetened and delicate, it tastes best warm with a large scoop of ice cream.  

Why You'll Love It Our cross-tester said this cake is great even with “really bad winter strawberries”.   

Due to sugar and lemon juice maceration, the berries are tasty year-round.   No creaming! While the oven heats, the butter melts in the pan  

Key Strawberry Spoon Cake Ingredients Strawberries: In this comforting cake, in-season, middle-of-winter, and frozen berries shine.   

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Lemon: Zest and juice brighten batter.   One stick of unsalted butter provides depth.   

Prepare Strawberry Spoon Cake by macerating the berries. Mix finely cut strawberries with lemon juice, zest, and sugar until moist.   

Make the cake. Scrape the thick batter into the pan, add the berries and liquids, and bake until golden-brown around the edges.   

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