Fun Spring Break Recipes for Kids  

Breakfast Tacos with Raspberry and Banana Instead of tortillas, I use pancakes in my sweet version of breakfast tacos.   

They're really simple and taste great. Choose the fruits and nuts you want based on what's in season.  

Rainbow cubes of gelatin It's fun to serve and eat these stacked jello cubes. There are different colors for different events.  

Pretzel Rods for the Movie Theater The big chewy pretzel sticks are a big hit with my kids and all of their friends.  

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Chocolate, peanut butter, and Krispy Kreme sandwiches This chocolatey, crunchy sandwich is like cartoon cereal on a Saturday morning, but without the bowl.  

Bricks and Arts For a fun treat that kids will love, use cookie cutters to cut out shapes in cheese and crackers and top them with tasty fruit.  

Shakes with strawberries These thick berry mixes are the best way to enjoy hot days because they are full of summer fruit.  

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