Delicious Breakfasts to Get You Up Early

Want to start your day with energy and flavor and maybe even become a morning person? We have 50 amazing breakfast options to power your day and get you ready for anything.  

There's something for every morning, weekend or workday.Any leftover boiled potatoes? Then create this 10-minute fried potato breakfast bowl.  

Cut into the poached egg and the smooth yolk covers the Feta cheese and wonderfully fried potatoes for a filling breakfast.  

These creamy overnight oats with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and chia seeds are easy to cook and will keep you full all morning.  

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Delicious spicy breakfast strata can be made ahead and frozen. Sharp cheddar cheese and bread pieces temper chorizo's heat.  

Easy and tasty, these frozen French toast sticks are crispy on the top and soft and fluffy on the interior.  

A fantastic family meal!This vegan breakfast meal with a quick vegan "eggy" base, vegan sausage, and SEVEN vegetables is excellent for making ahead.  

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