Defenders or Enemies? Examining Notable Dog Breeds

Even "dangerous" dog breeds are controversial in the "man's best friend" debate.  

But are some animals actually deadly, or is this merely a fear-based myth? As you read this page, we will discuss the most risky breeds, explain their causes, and give risk-reduction measures.   

Hold onto your leashes for an instructive, fact-based study.The American Pit Bull Terrier often tops scare lists. Strong jaws and sturdy builds make them frightening.  

These canines sometimes have a 'nanny dog' demeanor, especially when raised lovingly.  

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Rottweilers are fiercely devoted family pets as well as powerful guardians. If mishandled, their protectiveness might turn antagonistic.  

German Shepherds' police and military background has led to the belief that they are violent. Intelligent and trainable, they guard rather than attack.  

Huskys are smart and persistent, originally bred as sled dogs in frigid climes. However, their strong energy and innate hunting drive can lead to accidents.  

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