Dedicated Guard Dog Breeds for Family Protection

A guard dog is a popular choice for protecting our loved ones and property since our desires for security, companionship, and loyalty haven't altered much.   

There are certain things to consider when choosing the most popular protection dog breeds.  

Gina DiNardo, executive secretary at the American Kennel Club, says guard dogs use their centuries-old instinct to protect their families by biting or otherwise defending them.  

Watchdogs bark or otherwise alert their owners to perceived intruders.  

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Best guard dog breeds are bold and frightening, some being huge dog breeds. Normal dog ownership rules apply if you want a protective dog.   

Never tie this dog or lock it in a cellar or yard. Give it the love and affection you would any pet. Even the most aggressive dog breeds need humans for food, housing, and companionship.  

We asked three famous dog experts—an AKC specialist, a dog trainer, and a veterinarian—about the greatest guard dog breeds.   

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