Dangerously Delicious: 13 Italian Recipes  

Discuss Italian food! Great Italian dishes can make you feel like a chef. These pasta recipes have simple instructions for foolproof cooking, even for beginners.  

These Italian pasta recipes will leave everyone wanting more, whether you're feeding a crowd or pampering yourself.  

Creamy, cozy, and delicious mushroom risotto hits the spot! With soft Arborio rice in a delicious broth, it's a dish of comfort.   

Once you try, you'll be addicted!After trying Tortilla Pizza, you'll wonder why you ever ordered! It's ideal for pizza cravings when time is short.  

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Tortilla Pizza is a winner for one or a crowd.Caprese Appetizer is elegant and simple, suitable for any occasion.  

It'll dazzle at a dinner party or as a quick snack. Minimal effort means less kitchen time.Cooking for one or a family, Spaghetti Marinara is delicious.   

This classic Italian dish is ideal for busy weeknights.Cooking for one or a family, Spaghetti Marinara is delicious.   

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