Daily Habits That Danger Your Dog

Julie Cappel, DVM, owner of Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital in Warren, Michigan, warns that cutting your dog's nails too short might cause pain or harm.  

Watch how the vet technician or groomer grooms your dog next time. If possible, start clipping your pet's nails as a puppy to avoid issues.   

Michele Hinks, BS, CVT, VTS, of NorthStar VETS in Robbinsville, New Jersey, says, “By the time your dog is 70 or 80 pounds  

never had a nail trimming at home, it’s not going to be very happy about it when you Controlling a large animal is difficult, making mistakes simple.  

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these amazing canine facts you never knew.You want your dog to smell like a daisy, but harsh or strongly perfumed shampoos can irritate his sensitive skin.   

Dilute baby shampoo to avoid stinging their eyes to spare yourself a trip to the pet store. Hinks thinks the most crucial thing is using lukewarm water and washing off all the shampoo.  

To avoid overheating your dog, use a cool blow dryer or towel dry him. Hinks warns that blow dryers can burn their damp skin. Heat affects Pugs and Bulldogs more. Learn the cost of dog ownership.  

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