Daily appetite-suppressing foods  

There are foods that can actually make you feel full longer because they suppress your hunger.  

Eggs If you eat two eggs in the morning, you might not be as hungry during the day. You should either make an omelet or boil them.  

Apple cider vinegar Carbohydrate-rich foods have a lower glycemic index when mixed with vinegar.  

This means that less glucose is released into the bloodstream. This makes it a great way to curb your hunger.  

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Fruits like apples There is a lot of soluble fiber and pectin in this food, which makes us feel full.  

Thanks, Ginger Ginger can help with digestion and can also make you feel less hungry. You can drink it in tea, juice, sauces, or add it to food.  

Wasabi It is commonly used in Japanese food and can help reduce inflammation. It can also help you feel less hungry.  

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