Cutting a Whole Beef Tenderloin into Filet Steaks  

How to Cut a Whole Beef Tenderloin into Filet Steaks is the best technique to trim a premium cut of meat.  

You'll get 3-4 meals out of this tenderloin, and the steaks will become your favorite!  

Something special about a whole beef tenderloin makes it perfect for special occasions.   

This luxurious beef cut has melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and is one of the most expensive.   

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Tools of Trade Let's get our ducks in a row—or tools on the counter—before chopping that delicious entire beef tenderloin into delectable filet mignon steaks.   

You'll need these to succeed: Sharp knife: The Excalibur of your kitchen, this knife is the best companion of any aspiring steak master.  

It should be razor-sharp to slice tenderloin like butter.   Paper towels: Perhaps not what you expected in a cutting tool list?   

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