Crazy Italian recipes that will blow your mind  

The key is blending tradition with the comfort we crave after a long day. In addition to the food, the tales, history, and passion that go into each meal are important.  

Italian Walnut Sauce Italian cooking goes beyond marinara! Take our Italian Walnut Sauce.   

It drastically changes pasta meals with its balance and texture. With its incredible walnut flavor, this Italian recipe will blow you away.  

Basil Pesto Pasta Pasta Basil Pesto's pungent scents are unmatched. This recipe, inspired by Italian simplicity and freshness, can elevate any weeknight dinner.   

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Risotto with asparagus and white beans Who would have thought beans and asparagus would go well?   

Asparagus and White Bean Risotto did splendidly. This Italian recipe combines risotto's smoothness with asparagus and white beans to wow.  

Caprese Pesto Tarts Bite-sized Caprese Pesto Tarts combine cuteness and goodness. They're the ultimate Italian party food.   

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