Copper Coins Worth Money

As The Spruce Crafts noted, many collectors of U.S. coins began with the Lincoln penny, and took most of them out of circulation.  

The CoinValue website calls this the “rarest and most valuable wheat penny with an error.” It holds the record for the most expensive sale among wheat pennies at $1.7 million 

This is a rare coin for a couple of reasons. First, it contains errors involving numbers. Second, it was not supposed to be minted with copper in 1982 

In 1909, the U.S. Mint replaced the Indian Head penny with the Lincoln cent, according to The Spruce Crafts.  

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Slightly less than 500,000 of these pennies were minted before the Treasury Department “demanded that the initials be removed 

Slightly more than 4 million of these were minted and most went into circulation. What makes certain coins of this date rare are their “exceptional condition 

Here is another coin valued at $126,500 (at least, in MS-64 condition) — and most of that value is due to doubling on the date and lettering on the obverse. 

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