Cardiologists recommend avoiding these five foods.  

Health inequities, the pandemic, and NHS strain all contribute to the nation's heart health decline. We can regulate how our diets affect our hearts.     

Breakfast cereals Breakfasting on sweet Kellogg's is one of the unhealthiest options. Extremely processed food (UPF) is Dr. Srinivasan's biggest adversary.   

A recent 15-year study of 10,000 Australian women found that those who ate the most ultra-processed food were 39% more likely to develop high blood pressure.  

Crisps After popping a Pringles tube, it takes superhuman strength to stop, but the expert advises avoiding. “These foods seem to be addictive,” Dr Srinivasan says.   

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Limiting crisps and other high-calorie snacks decreases blood glucose swings.   

Ice cream The traditional British summer treat... It rarely passes this cardiologist's lips.  

Mostly due to processing. He worries that ubiquitous UPFs can harm young adults.    

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