Canine Foods That Send Dogs to the Vet

That sweet cocoa heaven can ruin your dog's system. Dogs cannot tolerate theobromine and caffeine in chocolate.  

A bite of baking chocolate is more harmful than milk chocolate because these poisons are more concentrated in darker, richer chocolate.  

While these kitchen mainstays give taste to human food, they can pose huge difficulties for pets.   

Anemia results from onion and garlic chemicals that harm red blood cells. For all forms, including powders in processed dishes like onion rings and seasoned fries.  

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The particular toxin is unknown, but grapes and raisins can induce kidney failure in dogs in little amounts.   

Avoid feeding your pet these tasty goodies.The seemingly innocent nuts are powerful for dogs.  

Even little amounts of macadamia nuts can produce tremors, vomiting, and weakness. Keep that trail mix away from pets!Dogs are especially at risk from this sugar substitute in sugar-free candies, gum, and baked goods.   

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